The right training for the right jobs.

Taranis Training is committed to providing the highest standard of training to every student. Located in Thunder Bay, we do everything possible to ensure that each student is trained to meet industry standards. Furthermore, we work to help our students find employment in the fields in which they were trained.

We promise only the best for all of our students, and we are proud to see them continually exceeding standards and finding success in their new careers. We want to help you, too.

Heavy Equipment Course

Trained heavy equipment operators are in high demand in Thunder Bay, Northern Ontario, and across Canada. We provide exceptional training that ensures your success in these secure careers.

Our training consists of both classroom learning and hands-on training, and graduates receive an official Heavy Equipment Operators certificate. We have many optional additions to the basic operator course, ensuring you will be trained for exactly what you want to be.

AZ/DZ Truck Course

No matter what type of driving you wish to do, we can train you to do it. We really enjoy taking the time to ensure you learn how to safely and confidently operate in every arena of truck driving.

By combining classroom, range, and practical instruction, we are able to teach you in a manner that is structured, offers smooth progression and a stress-free environment. We know this makes you a better driver. We are proud of that.

FREE Accommodations

Taranis Training is pleased to offer FREE accommodations to all out-of-town students.

  • Based on double-occupancy
  • Private rooms available for a nominal charge

Contact us for more information.

PAID Placement

Graduating students will now be eligible for a PAID 1-month job placement. 

  • Completion of Heavy Equipment Operators Program
  • 85% or above average is required to qualify
  • Only available during the construction season
  • Placement provided by Taranis Contracting Group Ltd.

Contact us for more information.